Practical Counsel, Risk Management and Defense of Your Business Interests

We are proven litigators capable of defending employers’ rights and interests when an employee or ex-employee files a lawsuit — whether the allegations involve wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment or some other aspect of employment law. Our approach will be driven by the facts of the case and your priorities, which may include settling the matter through private negotiations and avoiding costly, time-consuming litigation.

Our employment law attorneys bring decades of relevant, practical experience to our work with in-house corporate counsel, HR executives and other business stakeholders.

We can assist your local, regional or national business by:

  • Developing employee handbooks, training courses and other tools to educate employees, fulfill legal requirements and support your position should employee-initiated litigation arise
  • Drafting industry- and business-specific employee agreements, including covenants not to compete, that protect your competitive position and long-term viability
  • Providing responsive, clear employment law counsel when questions or complaints arise
  • Defending you and your business against claims of wrongful termination, discrimination against someone in a protected class or other unlawful treatment of employees

When we draft “non-competes” and other employment agreements for our clients, we do so with the assumption that they will ultimately be challenged. This involves including business-critical stipulations and avoiding those that are too restrictive to hold up under scrutiny.

The same ability to provide a critical review applies if you are considering hiring a key employee when a noncompete agreement with another employer may be in force. If your case ultimately requires litigation, you will have a courtroom-proven lawyer on your side.

Whether you are currently focused on setting up your business for success in employee relations, or you must respond to a claim against you, we are prepared to provide a consultation focused squarely on your needs.