Commercial Landlord Attorney

Commercial leases are often lengthy and complex, with language subject to various interpretations. As either a landlord or tenant, the best way to protect your interests is to work with a lawyer who understands those interests and is capable of drafting or modifying a lease accordingly before you sign. If, however, you run into problems with an existing lease, you will want an aggressive negotiator and litigator on your side.

Our commercial landlord-tenant attorneys have “A-to-Z” knowledge of this area of the law. We are a collaborative legal team that brings together crucial skills in breach-of-contract litigation, collections, enforcement of judgments and landlord-tenant rights.

Applying extensive, practical knowledge of the business climate and commercial market, we support our clients’ goals involving:

  • Drafting, modifying and negotiating commercial leases
  • Lease enforcement, including compelling a landlord or tenant to comply with terms involving payment, notice, use or repairs and maintenance
  • Legally sound lockouts, evictions, collections, judgments and workouts resulting from nonpayment of rent or other issues
  • Foreclosure litigation and the rights of commercial tenants